Appointments and Scheduling

In the event of an emergency or other unforeseen circumstance, the service provider must be notified of a cancellation or rescheduling at least 24 hours before scheduled session. Make up sessions must be rescheduled within 24 hours of the missed session.Please consider your vacation schedule and your child’s sports and extra-curricular activities before scheduling sessions. In addition, please understand that we cannot schedule any sessions without pre-payment (a week in advance). Prepaying will guarantee the desired time of session. We cannot “hold” any appointments without payment under any circumstance. We do not bind our customers in a contract, however; this business policy is in place in order to accommodate the needs of everyone. Due to the number of appointment scheduling and appointment cancellations/no shows, we must abide strictly to this business policy. You are financially responsible for all missed appointments and late cancellations. We accept payments made with cash, money orders, credit, and debit. You may make pre-payment(s) via our website, through PayPal and/or in person with PayPal Here (this is also a secured method of payment). Late cancellations or late rescheduling dates are subject to a $10.00 cancellation fee per hour scheduled or $5.00 rescheduling fee per hour scheduled if not rescheduled according to policy. Differentiating Minds Tutoring Service, LLC reserves all rights. We do/will not provide services for students that attend any Atlanta Public School.

Safety and Consideration

We ask that students respect the property of the tutoring sites/facilities and/or virtual learning environment. Cell phones are allowed, but their use is not permitted at any time during a session. Students must behave in an orderly fashion. Students will dress in accordance with an educational setting; no cut-offs, slippers or bare midriffs. Students are expected to be respectful of other students, library staff, and tutor at all times. Differentiating Minds Tutoring Service, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue services due to behavioral or disciplinary problems. In addition, please do not allow your child to attend their session if they are ill or have a communicable disease. We will gladly reschedule in accordance to the rescheduling policy.

Commitment and Consistency

It will take time to reach your child’s goals. Therefore, your commitment and the commitment of your child are essential to their success. We highly recommend consistent attendance. Irregular attendance may be detrimental to your student’s academic growth and prevent the attainment of desired educational goals. Enthusiasm and encouragement about his or her tutorial program will help build a positive attitude and maximize academic growth. Please remind him or her to bring all materials when/if required to the appropriate sessions.

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